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Reflecting on my time at SNHU

As I sit here binge-watching Jane the Virgin , it feels like the right time to post the reflection I submitted for my English and creative writing capstone course.
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Otis: An answered prayer

This past Friday, October 15, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed over lunch when a post on one of the dog mom pages I follow caught my eye. It was a rehoming post for this little boy: Otis, a 1-year-old teddy bear (Shih Tzu/Bichon mix). Now, this was a type of post I had seen before, but there was something about this one that stopped me in my tracks. I just knew in my heart we had to help. I called Dan over to take a look. He had a similar reaction, which told me we were being called to do this. Even though we already had three fur babies, we were drawn to Otis. We had to know more. We had to meet him. The post specified that they wanted Otis to go to a home where he'd be the king of the house or the only pet. That didn't stop me from reaching out. I wrote from my heart and asked that they consider us even though we did not meet the criteria set forth. Imagine my excitement when I heard back from the owner! We both poured out our hearts and knew this was worth a shot

SNEAK PEEK of my new manuscript!

A Second Chance Written by Jen Ekblad Property of Jenuine Enterprises LLC Chapter 1 Kate is a planner. She doesn’t like surprises. In fact, on her seventh birthday, when her parents surprised her with a trip to Disneyland, she locked herself in her bedroom and refused to come out. In the fifth grade, when the teacher changed her seating assignment, which meant she no longer sat by her best friend, Alicia, Kate refused to move. And, even into her young adult years, Kate insisted that the nurse count down from three and administer the shot precisely after the final count of “one.” Growing up, Kate spent more time with her nanny than her parents, who divorced when she was ten—their divorce was surprisingly a relief to Kate. But as she watched her mom struggle to find her purpose in life, Kate vowed that she would never place her purpose in that of a man. Needless to say, she set the bar so high that no man could meet her standard until her senior year at college. * * * “Off to class a