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A new drink at Starbucks?

No, this post is not about a new drink at Starbucks. 😉 It's a story about choosing better health. Two years ago, I wouldn't have thought twice about what was in my $5.54 Starbucks Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato that I was buying multiple times a week, but I BALKED at the idea of spending $2.38 a day for a simple way to add 30 fruits and veggies to my diet every day. 🤔

I am a person who typically needs to SEE change to stay motivated. But the results I experienced were so much deeper than that. Within 4 weeks of adding 30 fruits and veggies to my diet every day, my health started to improve and I FELT better, guys. I couldn’t SEE it. I couldn’t MEASURE it. But I could FEEL it. I felt like a different person. My energy improved. My mood improved. I had more clarity and focus. That, for me, was a win.

What could good health mean for you? More energy? Better sleep? Growth in your hair and nails? Clear skin? Reduced allergies? Better mood? Love yourself enough to choose good health. I can help get you there! 🤗 DM me to get started today!

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