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My first day of grad school

I have literally been counting down the days to the start of my MA program at Southern New Hampshire University. Ten years ago, I graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a BBA in Operations and Materials Management and just two years ago, I picked up an associate degree in technical writing. While I enjoyed certain aspects of these programs (and love learning in general), this is the first program I am SUPER jazzed to be part of and dive into. I have never been this interested in the content of my coursework and I hope that translates into successful completion next year and admission into my MFA program. Since today is the first day of term, I will be reviewing and printing my syllabi, module guidelines and other course materials. Later this afternoon, I will start writing my introduction to my professors and classmates that is to be posted to the discussion board by Thursday. I am very happy that the structure of this online MA program closely resembles what I experienced during my onl