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Halfway through my first term at SNHU

Well, I have made it past the halfway mark of my first term at SNHU! This is my third degree program and, frankly, it has been the most rewarding so far. They weren't kidding when they said to block off about 15 hours a week for reading and coursework, but I am LOVING every minute of it. Yesterday, I submitted my favorite assignment to date and thought I would share it here.

Here is the prompt and my creative work.

In this journal, you will practice your own native writing style and voice, then you will justify your choices as they relate to what you currently think of as your personal style. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
  • Creative Work 
    • First, page through the contemporary text you have been reading this term and pick five words of interest from it. Next, write a creative work (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or drama) that includes these five words. Your work should convey a very deliberate writing style to depict your authorial voice.
  • Explanation
    • At the bottom of your creative work, please list the five words you chose and explain why you chose them. What was it about those words that drew you to them?
    • Write two to four sentences explaining what kind of overall tone or voice you were trying to depict in your creative work, and how it does or does not align to what you think of as your personal style.
Creative Work:
His eyes locked hers.  She made her way across the room, parting the crowd with her astonishing beauty.  He loosened his bowtie in an effort to catch his breath.  Her picturesque, sequined gown danced like water glittering in the morning sun.  His excitement grew.  He bit down on his lip to disarm his insufferable desire for her.  Her response was laconic: a simple smile laced with coquetry.  He couldn’t take it anymore.  His longing for her thrust him forward.  He took her into his arms, dipped her back and kissed her passionately.  And in that moment, the world around them vanished and they knew they were exactly where they were meant to be.  Together.
The chose the following words from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice for this assignment: disarm, picturesque, insufferable, laconic, and coquetry. I chose these words because either it was a word that painted a visual for me or it was a word that I did not understand until I looked it up in the dictionary. In my creative work, I was trying to take words that felt dark or negative and make them feel light and positive. I think it is interesting I chose to go this direction since much of what I have written up to this point (my personal style, I am assuming) leans more toward dark and negative, even though my stories fall within the romance genre. I also like to give a movie-quality feel to my writing, which is what I was trying to do for this creative work.


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