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The results are in...

After months, numerous tests, no definite answers and continued symptoms, we have reached a (loose) conclusion on my health situation. What we know is that back on August 2, my body was fighting a bad infection. My white blood cell count was extremely high. Doctors are fairly certain this infection damaged nerves in my parasympathetic nervous system - the system that controls unconscious body functions like breathing, digestion, blood pressure, etc. What we don’t know is what the infection was or where it originated. We are confident that the infection is gone as my white blood cell count is finally back to normal. The symptoms, while some are still present, have slowly started to subside. Doctors cannot give me an exact timeline of how long these could last since it can take some time for nerves to heal. So, my job is to give my body the best environment possible to heal. I am ready to close this chapter of 2019 and start a new, healthier chapter in 2020.